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Keeping both yours and your pet's best interests at heart.

  • NEW! MLS Laser Pet Therapy

    NEW! MLS Laser Pet Therapy

    We have added a state of the art class 4 MLS laser to our practice!   MLS laser therapy is used for reducing pain, reducing inflammation and restoring mobility. The positive affects can be seen in many many ways. From…

  • General Pet Health Exams

    General Pet Health Exams

    Searsport Veterinary hospital recommends annual exams to determine the general well-being of your pet and help identify issues. Early detection of problems is particularly important as rapid action may be needed to solve a problem. Searsport Veterinary Hospital also offers…

  • Pet Vaccinations

    Pet Vaccinations

    Vaccines help prevent many illnesses that can affect your pets. The distemper vaccine, for instance, is given to puppies and kittens every 3-4 weeks until the reach 14- 16 weeks. That is when the maternal antibodies start to drop and…

  • Pet Surgery

    Pet Surgery

    We, at Searsport Veterinary Hospital, strive to provide the best surgical procedures and care possible. There is a surgical technician assigned  to each pet. That technician places an intravenous catheter  and assists in administering the safest anesthetic protocol we have…

  • Dental Cleaning

    Dental Cleaning

    While most pets are not as prone to cavities as human beings are, they are still subject to gingivitis and plaque buildup. Unless they are treated regularly, these problem areas can lead to infections, heart-disease and other vital organ…

  • Pet Radiography

    Pet Radiography

    Because of our limited abilities to communicate with pets, x-ray radiography is one of the most useful and commonly used medical diagnostic procedures. A radiography exam can help us evaluate just about every vital organs and bones in the body of…

  • In-House Testing

    In-House Testing

    In-house testing – including heartworm test, feline leukemia and FIV tests, pre-anesthetic screening and general health profiles, fecal exams and urinalysis

  • In-house Pet pharmacy

    In-house Pet pharmacy

    In-house pharmacy including prescription medications, heartworm preventatives, flea and tick preventatives and prescription diets.