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4DX Testing – What is it? Why do I need to test my dog?

Commonly known as Heartworm Test, the 4DX test is actually testing for four different diseases.  It tests for heartworm, which is carried and transmitted by mosquitoes; lyme, ehrlichia, and anaplasmosis that are all carried and transmitted by ticks.

We strongly recommend testing every year even if your dog is on heartworm preventative year round.  This way we can test for the tick borne diseases and be sure that your dog is heartworm free.


Heartworm Preventative

Our office recommends that your dog be treated year round with a heartworm preventative.  It prevents heartworm and also treats for gastrointestinal parasites that can be transmitted to humans.


Flea and Tick Prevention

Our office recommends treating your animals preventatively with a flea and tick product.  Flea and tick season generally starts in March and ends in November.  It is very weather dependent, so if the weather stays warm through December or it gets warm early, then the season will last longer.

If your animals do get fleas, then all the animals in the house should be treated.  Expect to treat all the animals once per month for at least 4 months to break the flea cycle then to treat preventatively so another infestation does not occur.  All of the animals’ bedding should be washed and the floors thoroughly vacuumed.


Lyme Disease

We very strongly recommend that you vaccinate your dog against Lyme Disease especially if they spend a majority of their days outside in forested or high grass areas.  Lyme disease is transmitted by the bite of a tick that is carrying the disease.  It can be devastating if undetected.  It causes joint pain, fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, and ultimately, if not treated, kidney failure and death.

We also recommend that the animal is treated with a flea and tick preventative to help keep the ticks from being able to bite.