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Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery

We, at Searsport Veterinary Hospital, strive to provide the best surgical procedures and care possible.

There is a surgical technician assigned  to each pet. That technician places an intravenous catheter  and assists in administering the safest anesthetic protocol we have available in veterinary medicine. The pet is monitored closely throughout the entire procedure and through extubation and recovery.

We have recently started using Thundershirts on our patients as well. Thundershirts use a gentle pressure hug around the pet, offering a sense of security. The idea is the same as swaddling a baby.  We have seen excellent results so far. For more information on Thundershirts visit www.thundershirt.com.

Surgical pets are required to fast prior to anesthesia (unless directed otherwise). They may have water but no food after midnight the night prior to surgery.
Routine, elective surgeries such as spays and neuters are required to stay one night after surgery. The first 12-24 hours following a surgery are the most critical in the healing process. By staying at the hospital we can ensure they are as pain-free as possible and that they rest. We do understand how hard it is to leave your pet, however we feel strongly that it is in your pet’s best interest.

As well as surgeries, Searsport Veterinary Hospital offers dental cleanings. Oral health is extremely important to your pet’s over all health and well being. Pets that have gingivitis and periodontal disease are constantly swallowing bacteria. The bacteria gets into the blood stream and circulates through the body.  This puts extra strain on organs like the heart.  Extractions of teeth are sometimes necessary. We do all that we can to “save” the tooth whenever possible. Sometimes that is just not an option and the tooth is extracted. The mouth heals very quickly and even with multiple extractions we see pets do very well within a few days. They even go back to eating crunchy food. Please feel free to ask any questions about oral hygiene and health.

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